Ubuntu un-install

In case you have a host where you no longer whish to run gitlab

Uninstall procedure:

Remove services:
    ~# gitlab-ctl uninstall

Clean any data generated by usage of the package:
    ~# gitlab-ctl cleanse

You may also want to remove any accounts you configured. To do so:
    ~# gitlab-ctl remove-accounts

Then remove the package using:
    ~# dpkg -P gitlab-ce

Remaining data:

The following you might want to remove with rm -rf afterwards:

  • /opt/gitlab –> holds application code for GitLab and its dependencies.
  • /var/opt/gitlab –> holds application data and configuration files that gitlab-ctl reconfigure writes to.
  • /etc/gitlab –> holds configuration files for omnibus-gitlab. These are the only files that you should ever have to edit manually.
  • /var/log/gitlab –> contains all log data generated by components of omnibus-gitlab.

like so:

~# rm -rf /opt/gitlab
~# rm -rf /var/opt/gitlab
~# rm -rf /etc/gitlab
~# rm -rf /var/log/gitlab